KINOWA Co., Ltd.

Item: DAILYLIFE(Wooden Art Collage)
Size variation: 3
Color variation: 1
Minimum lot: 50
Lead time: One week
Sample availability: Shipping is possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

This piece presents an entirely new genre of wood-engraving art. The wood engravings are produced by stacking several pieces of thinly sliced natural wood on top of one another, as opposed to the traditional paper method. This unique method of expression makes it possible to create illustrations that are more precise than any other conventional wood pieces, and succeeds in transforming the field of painting into a wood medium. Anyone can enjoy assembling the production kit, and the  kit functions to make you sense the aromas and feel of each type of wood as you assemble the piece, with the hope that your interest in the wood will grow while you enjoy yourself. Furthermore, we hope that assembling the kit will provide an opportunity for good conversation to connect with family and friends.
≪Recommended use of the product≫

The wood engraving comes both as a kit and as a completed piece, and supports a range of scenes. The hand assembled kit is recommended for those looking for handcrafting activities that can be enjoyed among parents and children, for retirees looking for a hobby, and others who have time to enjoy handcrafts. It is also useful as a gift to celebrate various occasions, such as birthdays, ribbon cuttings, and new business celebrations. The completed piece is often selected when presented as a gift. As a natural, warmhearted product, we find it makes for a gift that can be presented with peace of mind.


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