PorousQuartz® Palette

Exhibit: PorousQuartz® Palette
Item: BEAUTY・RELAXATION(Aroma Diffuser)
Size variation: 2×5
Color variation: 1
Minimum lot: ¥50,000 wholesale domestic/¥100,000 overseas
Lead time: One week to one month
Sample availability: Shipping is possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

Traditional Kyoto painting styles are painted onto the disc-shaped porous quartz. Not only does the fragrance change, but the appearance changes as well, with patterns that appear as the essential oils absorb and evaporate. With this added sense of playfulness, this is a totally new type of room diffuser.
Without requiring any water, flame, or electrical charge, enjoy the pure fragrance of undiluted 100% essential oils. Compared to fired aroma stones used as a material in conventional aroma therapy, these essential oils are concentrated at a volume four magnitudes greater, and will penetrate the air 10 times faster. The oils penetrate deeply, providing a stable, long lasting fragrance due to the process in which the fragrance is expelled and steadily evaporated.

≪Recommended use of the product≫

Home entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, company entryways, reception rooms, waiting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Company Name: SnG Inc.
Contact Person: Rika Terasawa
Phone: +81-75-874-5643
E-mail: info@porousquartz.com
Website: https://www.porousquartz.com/