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Exhibit: Baion-Mg60
Item: DAILYLIFE(Magnesium Tube Wireless Speaker)
Size variation: 1
Color variation: 7
Minimum lot: 1
Lead time: Within five days after order
Sample availability: Shipping is possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

Baion-Mg60 is the first wireless speaker for smartphones made of magnesium tubes, taking advantage of the high quality audio capabilities utilized in high-end speaker systems and achieving a lightness and durability that cannot be replicated with other metals. Using the device is incredibly simple; just touch it to your smartphone. No power source is required. Enjoy music anytime, anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.
1. The high vibration absorption capabilities of the magnesium produces a higher quality of sound that regular smartphone speakers.
2. The magnesium tube is surprisingly light and durable. Enjoy music anytime and anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.
3. Features a special matte metallic feel unique to magnesium. Further, we offer both a matte black and an olive color, which can perfectly accent the room.
≪Recommended use of the product≫

With a variety of music streaming services available, enjoying music on your smartphone has become quite common. Baion-Mg60 allows you to enjoy music at any time and place, whether indoors or outdoors. This device is very useful when washing dishes in the sink, cleaning shoes in the entryway, washing cars in the driveway, or at barbecues and campsites. The wireless Baion-Mg60 speaker is made of magnesium to achieve both high sound quality and mobility, relieving you of the time and effort required to deal with batteries or cable connectors. Where will you enjoy your music today?


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