Ginpo Co., Ltd.

Exhibit: BLISSIO
Size variation: 4
Color variation: 4
Minimum lot: ‎¥‎300,000
Lead time: Approx. 3 months
Sample availability: Shipping is possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

BLISSIO, developed to take advantage of longstanding specialist technology in earthenware manufacture, uses airtight polishing processing to be the first anhydrous earthenware cooking pot. Since it is airtight, you can lock in the taste of your ingredients as you cook. As an earthenware pot, it has amazing thermal storage, and is great for residual heat cooking. You can use this cooking pot all year round, and it has a stylish design, meaning you can leave it out in the kitchen. Can be used on open fire, or in microwave ovens, and conventional ovens.’-You can also cook without water which means you can get nutrients from the ingredients more efficiently, and you can make your cooking more flavorsome -Smells and leftover food don’t stick to the pot so sealing treatments that were necessary before using conventional earthenware pots are not needed here .It is light and easy to handle compared to cast metal anhydrous cooking pots.


≪Recommended use of the product≫

This is not just an earthenware pot for fall and winter; it was developed to be put in the kitchen and used as a cooking pot on a daily basis.




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