Ceramic Japan

Exhibit: Harmony「tumbler」
Item: TABLEWARE(Ceramic Tumbler)
Size variation: 2
Color variation: 6
Minimum lot: 12pcs
Lead time: 1 month after order
Sample availability: Shipping is possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

A collaboration item with Keijusha, the traditional Etchu-Yatsuo hand-dyed Japanese paper workshop.With a white porcelain body, wrapped with strong, water repellent washi paper holder , you can hold this even when it contains hot tea. As we have created a new product in collaboration with a traditional industry from the same area, it is very original, and we believe we can raise our values as industries in each area.


≪Recommended use of the product≫

Various uses, such as cup, teacup, and tumbler.


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