Exhibit: Chiffon21
Item: KITCHEN・DININGWARE(Chiffon Cake Knife)
Size variation: 2
Color variation: 1
Minimum lot: 10
Lead time: Two days (business days)
Sample availability: Shipping is not possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

The first knife in the world specially made for cutting chiffon cakes.

Chiffonistas(chiffon cake specialists and fans) place an emphasis on four elements when preparing chiffon cake, ingredients, baking mixing, and cutting. However, it is the cutting that leaves many Chiffonistas disappointed. With this in mind, we have produced an Echizen knife specially made for cutting chiffon cakes by carrying out R&D along with chiffon cake chefs, chiffon cake research groups, forged cutlery traditional craftsmen, product designers. From release to the present time, many Chiffonistas have given positive feedback about the cutting knife, saying how beautiful the knife can cut. We feel how good the product is gradually known.
≪Recommended use of the product≫

Chiffon21 can be used with chiffon cakes that are 15cm – 21cm in diameter.
We accept special orders for 23cm diameter types, as the market for such sizes is limited.
Intended use: This knife was designed for cutting chiffon cakes, but can be used to cut other cakes and breads as well.



Company Name: CLASIMONs
Contact Person: Hiroo Okubo
Phone: +81-778-77-2398