Exhibit: Jewelry・Glass
Item: TABLEWARE(Titanium Glass)
Size variation: 15
Color variation: 4
Minimum lot: 12
Lead time: 10 days to 1 month
Sample availability: Shipping is possible

≪Product Concept and Features≫

Jewelry Glass is based on the concept of “adorn your food and make the ordinary extraordinary.” With the world’s best technology, the inside of the glass has incredibly rare 100% pure titanium, and its transparent brightness givesout a magical feel, despite being a mirror. With the same phenomenon as rainbows and auroras, this gem-like brightness changes appearance depending on what is being poured, meaning you can enjoy the sight of your food being dressed up.Decorate your food with this semitransparent brightness more than you could with porcelain or metal cups, and make the drink being poured look even better. Sight helps you savor taste even longer. By proposing a completely new lifestyle of adorning taste with vision, an extraordinarily special space is created that is good for the soul. Moreover, holding a glass with such a unique appearance is bound to become a topic at the dinner table, letting you deepen communication.


≪Recommendede use of the product≫

Giving out a special brightness, this glass can decorate the table on special occasions like anniversaries, or can be used on a daily basis when you are more pressed for time, as an item to create an extraordinary space that makes you forget the time. Alternately, wins high praise when given as a gift.


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